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Friday, April 18th

Matt Parson
Macie Laws
Bailey Frymire
Ryan Smith
Hadley York
Hunter Hood
Turner Murrier
Paul Ray
Markeeta Fryer
Jamie Leake
Ron McFadden
Jarome Rogers
Eugene Haynes
Twyla Twillie
Ester Mae Smith
Corey Butler
Ian Rountree
Pamela McFadden
Phil McNutt
Harold Pennington
Kayla Holland
Tonya Foster
Clark Woodard
Stan Winfrey Jr.
Maddie Darnell
Lisa Rae Cooley
Sasha Willis
Pearlinda Jackson


Thurston & Anna Turner

Saturday, April 19th

Dashaune Hill
Tom Sanders
Mary Burks
Dot Sandroni
Lina Wacaster
Guy Arnold Jr.
Kynzee Hicks
Sammy Davis
Charlie Buford
Taylor Woodard
Trevonte Coulter


Kevin & Cassandra Hughes

Sunday, April 20th

Zach Bargery
Carrie Chapman
Brandie Clark
Judy Farrell
Jules Fletcher
Clay Posey
Don Buck
Paula Powell
Raymond Grafton
Becca Whitehead
Mary Bridges
Annetta Bradley
Elonzo Smith
Sarah Fryer
Cecil Twillie
Kendall Owens
Lubertha Smith
John McKissick Jr.



Monday, April 21st

Keon Cochran
Linda Barber
Keri Shepherd
Justin Northcutt


Rachel & Dustin Peppers
Billy & Carey Goacher

Tuesday, April 22nd

Lo Hardrick
Steven Pipkin
Faith Jumper
Charlotte Darby
Jaelynn Huckaba
Oalkey Huckaba
Colin Able
Will Bernakrd
Aaron Cupples
Tyler Nelson
Ella Rickard


Brenda & Bobby May

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